Brand name for that heron, heroin, that fire shit that'll get you fucked up, on The Wire. Not to be confused with WMD, Bin Laden, or Icicles.
Bodie Broadus: "PAAAAANDEMIC! Got that PANDEMIC!"
Bubs: "Gimme two"
*Bodie flashes sign for two vials to the runner*
by Preston Broadus December 10, 2009
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A term used by the lookouts to alert the drug dealing gangsters in the streets of Baltimore on the tv-show called "the Wire".
Pandemic! Pandemic! Pandemic!
by bodiebrodous November 26, 2007
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someone who is ether pansexual and demiromantic or someone who is demiromantic and pansexual
David: hay Jacob why aren't Kat and Emily going out. I thought Kat was a gay.
Jacob: na she is just a pandemic.
by Invite Sprite September 15, 2019
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A worldwide outbreak of a disease.
The term 'pandemic' is often confused with 'epidemic'.
Some current pandemics are Swine Flu and HIV/AIDS. Some may consider the common cold a pandemic.

Pandemics have been known to vary unpredictably from very mild to devastating. Swine Flu was predicted to be a really bad outbreak, hence the extreme precautions taken, but it turned out to be a harmless cold. Spanish Flu, on the other hand, was not predicted and caused widespread damage, with an estimated 50,000,000 deaths worldwide.

Pandemics are usually mild if precautions are taken, and usually don't do much harm. While the media may make it sound horrible, they often leave out important details, like the infectivity, number of cases, and death RATE. Most cases are never confirmed, either; usually just the severe cases. You could get swine flu and never know.

Pandemic is also a popular online game in which the player attempts to kill off the human species with the perfect disease.
People are taking this pandemic way too seriously. It will inevitably go away on its own without the help of panic and media headlines.
by MacGenius March 31, 2010
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A sudden outbreak of Pandas. Has only happened once or twice, and mostly in China.
Pandas are so cute! I wish there was a pandemic right here in town.
by tsukiatari March 3, 2010
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An opportunity to magically get paid for staying at home and watching tv. In order to participate, one must be a teacher, and make it known that they may possibly, in the foreseeable future, have contact with someone who is over the age of 70, as they would then place that person at a higher risk of death (increasing the risk to the equivalent risk of being struck by lightening while scratching off a million dollar winning lottery ticket).
Sorry Kim, I can’t hang out on Tuesday, quarantining during the work week due to the pandemic, however, if you want to go clubbing on Saturday night, I’m free.
by Colette July 29, 2020
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Used to describe cute, amazing and beautiful mermaids specifically of the female gender.
Sailor1:Hey dude did you see that mermaid back in the lake? Sailor2:Yeah! She was a pandem!
by Illuminati Triangle Bill June 20, 2019
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