Best word ever.
More sophisticated than "slut", but slighty less crude and overdone than "slag", whilst still retaining that crucial amount of European-ness.
"Nonsense, slattern! I will not tolerate your slatternry!"
by princesscupcake April 8, 2006
A sexually promiscuous woman. May or may not be paid for sex, depending on whether is a prostitute or a slut.
Paris Hilton, the Grand High Slattern, paraded on the red carpet in her usual belt/miniskirt sans underwear and her almost nonexistant top.
by Lorelili May 4, 2007
look at that slattern luring people to dark alley ways
by ms.tomorrow June 2, 2006
A woman who is slutty.
A tramp.
She's such a slattern. Dale one night and Animal the next!!
by Penis Van Lesbian January 4, 2004
"Hillary Clinton is the most fulsome slattern every to have graced the Senate floor."
by Doc! April 18, 2006
The slattern is untidy, dirty and sleeps with anything.
by Rumpleskiltskin March 6, 2017