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A term popularized by the NJ rapper "Noodles" in his song "The Bullfighter".. This act involves reckless endangerment of all members in a crowded club but women in particular. There is many mean grunts and stomping of the feet. If you happen to encounter the bullfighter in you're local club or neighborhood please capture it on film and put it on youtube.
Guy 1 - Yo Son Last Night Was Poppin!!!
Guy 2 - Werd?
Guy 1 - Yea Son I Did The Bullfighter On That Hoe
Guy 2 - Werd Then U Donkey Punched Her?
Guy 1 - YEP!
Guy 2 - YAY!!!
by Bricc Of STG Productions February 04, 2008
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(adj.) Describes something that is very stereotypically Latin in origin.
"Dude! That sombrero is totally bullfighter!"

"Totally, dude! I love this mexican restaurant."
by TeamZissou September 05, 2008
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A heterosexual male or female that is dating a homosexual member of the opposite sex. Typically, the homosexual partner in the relationship is a closet case.

Comes from such terms as "bull-dyke", "bull-queer", etc.
Poor, Frank... Doesn't even realize he's been fighting a bull.
by pseudonymx March 30, 2005
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