A) The metric system; a system used to measure/weigh things.

B) A Canadian indie band.
A) That truck weighs 1 metric tonne.

B) Metric's CD kick butt!
by Crashdummy June 26, 2005
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Horrible band consisting of a bunch of retards. 60% of the reason they suck
is because they suck dicks on the side to pay rent, the other 40% is that they're Canadian. Not saying all Canadians suck, just the semi-sucessful ones.
Char: Oh my god! Metric rocked!
Ben: No, Metric is gay, besides, I hear they suck live.
by benormous April 18, 2006
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1. A system of measurement that makes more sense, is easier to comprehend and is standardized such that it is awesome to use.
2. An adjective that describes something as making more sense, better, and/or more awesome than any other possibility.
Did you see me get a hole in one? METRIC!!
by shadowgoat June 22, 2011
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Chill, euphoric, awesome. Better than the usual. Something similar to the feeling of an awesome rave.

Probably drawn from the idea that the metric system is "better" than other systems.
A$AP Rocky: How was that young party last night?

Lil Wayne: Yo dawggg, that shit was metric AF.
by SI4lyfe September 16, 2013
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An amazing Canadian band. The lead singer is Emily Haines who also does come vocals for Stars and Broken Social Scene.

They can be found at www.ilovemetric.com
"Last night I saw Metric, and I danced my ass off!"
by Chelsea January 27, 2005
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A modifier meaning "even more than"

Most commonly used with buttload, assload, or shitload.

The modifier 'metric' has been co-opted from the term 'metric ton,' which is 205 pounds more than a 'ton.'

So, an 'assload' is a lot, but a 'metric assload' is even more.
A pipe broke, and now there's a metric buttload of water in my basement!
by Aminal June 9, 2004
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metric: ur anti-establishment, anti-gov and conspiracy theory loving tool the opposite of standard tools hence the name metric

also see anarchist
John : dude my kid brother thinks the moon landing is a conspiracy
Ken : *sigh* him and his conspiracy's hes so metric
by XchronoX October 27, 2009
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