Evan is one of the best friends you will ever have. He is kind, funny, joyful, and loving. Evans are pretty smart, but they can sometimes act like a know-it-all. He is one of the most hilarious and fun people you will ever meet, and he can always make you laugh, even if you are nowhere near him. Though he may seem weird to people who don’t know him, his close friends know that he is complety insane, but it’s great. It is so fun to be around an Evan. Evan is a friend that will always be there for you no matter what. If you have the blessing of being friends with an Evan, never let him go.
Evan is a wonderful friend.
by LazyTaco17 March 29, 2018
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Evan is a very nice, caring person. He's literally the best and lots of people love him. I hope that he's somewhere now searching this up and he sees it and making his day.

I love you Evan <3
"I love Evan so much, he's just the straw to my berry"
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The guy who slaps you in the testicles for a quick joke.
You know that kid Evan”
“Yea he slapped my ballsack earlier”
by Big person69 March 1, 2020
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Someone who has a beautiful, precious, and caring heart. He is so extremely handsome and can make you easily fall in love with his beautiful eyes, and big smile. When you hug him you immediately feel safe and at home. He makes love the greatest feeling in the world, and never fails to make someone happy. He is the most loving, selfless, kind-hearted, caring, and respectful guy anyone would be lucky enough to know let alone love. This is the type of guy you’d want to be your boyfriend for he has the most respect and shows you off like your his most prized possession. He is inspiring, and strong and unbelievably perfect. Anyone would be lucky enough to know an evan, but if you are able to fall in love with one... get ready for the greatest experience of your life in the most positive and happiest way.
“Oh damn, I wish I was dating an Evan!”
“Fuck, Evans hot.”
“You’re so lucky you’re dating an Evan.”
by IloveEvanCC September 27, 2018
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A very silly but smart guy. If you're in pain, he'll make you feel better and forget you were ever in pain with his silly dumb jokes. It might not seem like it but he is very smart. He can be such a big idiot but that's what makes him Evan. Even if you don't want to smile, he will make you smile without even trying. That's how funny he is. He has beautiful dark brown puppy dog eyes and he is adorable but cute. Even though it might not seem like it, he's sweet...sometimes. He the type of guy you will have to always say "stop" to. He can be a little annoying but you can never be mad at him because he's genuinely a good person. He doesn't act annoying or act crazy on purpose, it's who he is. He's a very lovable person and if you get a Evan in your life, he will change it in a good way. He will make you smile every day until your face can't frown anymore. Get yourself an Evan. He's perfectly imperfect in every way possible.
Venus: Leave me alone, Evan. I'm not in the mood.
Evan: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
Venus: *chuckles* Shut up. I'm trying to be angry, Mr. Sir.
Evan: Ok, Mrs. Ma'am.
Venus: *laughs* Mrs. Ma'am?

Maddie: He's so adorable. He must be an Evan.

Tayla: I can't with Evan. He's too smart. Every time i give him a riddle, he figures it out like, can I have my moment to shine and leave you qustioning the riddle?
by Jusluvbloo April 12, 2019
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Smart guy with beautiful hair. Extremely caring towards others, but never has anyone care for him. Evan is often lonely and and sad, and has trouble finding a girlfriend or significant other. He is an incredibly good friend and wingman. He is often left out when it comes to happiness or love, but enjoys spending his time making others happy.
by Mathewjordan152 August 20, 2021
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Evan is one of the greatest people I've ever met. He changed my life from the very start. Evan is very, very intelligent and has a great sense of humor. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He's extremely loyal. Evan's such a gentleman. Despite his outgoing personality, Evan is actually quite shy when it comes to new people or when he's around his crush. Evan sometimes makes the wrong choices when it comes to asking people out; his relationships always end in heartbreak. He hasn't found the courage to ask his one true love.

Evan is a great xc runner, and also plays cello. He has a dog who he loves. I met Ev at camp. We became fast friends, but that summer eventually came to a close. I never saw him again.
Evan- if you ever see this I just want to thank you. For everything.
by Toomucheffort July 9, 2017
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