Beyond repair or not worth repairing.
After hitting the tree, the car was totaled. Well, maybe it could have been put on the road again, but the insurance adjuster wouldn't authorize the payment.
by Bob Lipton September 1, 2003
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A insurance term that describes the condition of a damaged car when the cost to repair the damage exceeds the actual appraised value of the vehicle.
A '03 BMW X3 that gets ripped in half by a dumptruck would be considered "totaled". An '87 Nova that has a cracked windshield would also be considered "totaled."
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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To destroy something beyond recognition.
Dave totaled his car. It was a complete write off.
by Anonymous September 1, 2003
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1. State of complete intoxication (ie, hammered, floored, wasted, smashed, destroyed, etc...).

2. When the total cost of repairs to a vehicle excedes the total appraissed value of the vehicle.

3. On a driving penalty scale, one up from DWI 3rd offense, one down from attempted automotive manslaughter (except in states where the above are equivalent).
1. I got so totaled I passed out on the bar last night.

2. My insurance provider told me to start looking for a new car when I totaled mine.

3. Al: I was drinking and driving last night, and something bad happened.
Al: Nah, I totaled my car.
by Al October 14, 2003
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getting totally wasted off of some substance.... legal or illegal
i smoked that chron and i just got totaled.
by smokey mcpot September 4, 2003
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Completely and utterly destroyed. Non-functional. Esp a car.
"I hit a tree in my Mustang."
"DUDE! It must have gotten totaled!"
by Lezard Valeth September 2, 2003
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Completely destroyed.
"Dude, that drunk drive totaled my car!"
by Quaght September 1, 2003
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