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Basically a Mexican standoff between prominent countries that possess nuclear weapons and have different polictical agendas. Causes the entire world to be gripped in a sort of doomsday fatalism. Also results in peace talks to boil down to a pissing match in which each side takes a "I'll-throw-down-my-gun-if-you-throw-down-your-gun-first" attitude.
In "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" the apes may have survived if they had thier own nukes. The mutant humans wouldn't have used thier nuke because of fear of mutually assured destruction. Which didn't matter anyway, because they all ended up dead, like a bunch of pork rinds.
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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Acronym for "Typical Ignorant American". Said person covers thier house, car and property with United States flags and yellow ribbons. Although this person is generally a decent, hardworking individual, they are sadly fooled into believing that thier elected officials really care about them and always tell the truth. They generally refuse to open thier minds to the possiblity that maybe U.S. soldiers are dying to protect U.S. corporate interests, NOT expanding freedom or searching for WMD's. Because of thier inability to think for themselves, they instead insult and belittle those who are not warmongers.
93% of this country is filled with T.I.A.'s. And the masses will continue to be sacrificed on the "alter of freedom" like cattle being led into a slaughterhouse. All this is done so Chevron's profits soar. Congrats, America! We have sold the lives of our sons and daughters so we can gas up our SUV's and eat our Big Mac's.
by Pigeon McNugget October 9, 2003
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A insurance term that describes the condition of a damaged car when the cost to repair the damage exceeds the actual appraised value of the vehicle.
A '03 BMW X3 that gets ripped in half by a dumptruck would be considered "totaled". An '87 Nova that has a cracked windshield would also be considered "totaled."
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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An out-dated catch phrase that was used to excuse adolecent mischief, such as stealing a cooling pie from a kitchen window, or not eating your vegetables. Outdated because adolecent mischief now includes rape, murder, car theft, drug abuse, and arson. Such things therefore require severe legal punishments in a criminal court instead of simply writing these heinous acts off as "boys will be boys."
"Oh no! Two armed students have massacred a bunch of fellow students!!!"

"Well, boys will be boys..."
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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When you eat 6 breakfast burritos and fart while wearing a trenchcoat. Then walk into a crowded restaurant and open your trench coat to release the toxic fumes, killing everyone.
The morning crowd at McDonald's kept eating thier food, blissfully unaware the terrorist had just finished eating 4 McGriddles. He felt a slight rumble in his intestines, then stood up and began to undo his trenchcoat buttons....
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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A versatile substance that is composed of thousands of compounds, including polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. Can be purchased with money or the murdered souls of +3000 American lives and/or 500,000 Iraqi children.
Dick Cheney pours oil on his breakfast cereal instead of milk.
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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A ruthless cyborg killing machine (Schwarzenegger) created by SkyNet (Republican Party). SkyNet will send this killer cyborg back in time to kill our founding fathers before they can write our Constitution that gives rights to every American.
Listen. Understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with...it doesn't feel pity of remorse or fear... and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.
by Pigeon McNugget October 8, 2003
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