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1. Term of endearment, usually used by people having sexual intercourse with one another.

2. Exclamation, usually during sexual intercourse.

3. The direct consequence of sexual intercourse.
1. When my girlfriend started calling my best friend "baby", I knew it was over.

2. Oh baby! Yes!

3. How could something as good as sex have made this baby?
by Al October 12, 2003

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The only natural science that can be broken down into the categories "making drugs" and "blowing stuff up". Unfortunately, chemistry isn't all fun and games, mostly because of chemistry teachers, who are always bitching about things like "significant figures" and "molality versus molarity".
Remember that chemistry demonstration where the teacher burned his eyebrows off? That was hilarious.
by Al February 05, 2004

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Semen. Also a key ingredient in milkshakes.
Take one (1) whole egg. Add baby batter. Mix gently. Produces bun in the oven. Allow to heat for nine months.
by Al February 13, 2005

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1. Mid-level programming language that provides extreme versatility, given a willingness to perhaps spend months writing a program.

2. Grade earned as a direct result of sexual favors.

3. Right up there with capping rival drug dealers and playing out hos in the gangbangin' world.
1. #include <iostream>
int main()
{std::cout << "this is c++\n";
return 0;}

2. Michelle got a c++ because she went down on the teacher. Otherwise, she couldn't have managed an F.

3. Now that urbandictionary.com has definitions for c++, look for words like "accounting" and "1040EZ form", which are also closely linked to life on the streets.
by Al October 12, 2003

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A term used to identify any noun as being suspicious.
I don't trust Joe, he kinda suspect.
by Al January 11, 2003

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The exploitation of beautiful women ("chix"), commonly used as a selling point of otherwise awful movies, eg Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle. Similar to Blacksploitation, eg Blackula.
Sure the chixploitation flick didn't have a plot, but that upskirt shot of Cameron Diaz ensures that video sales will be excellent
by Al October 27, 2003

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1. Derogatory term to refer to those of Middle-Eastern (or Indian, but I suspect only because most people would use "Towel Head" in everyday conversation couldn't tell the difference between the two to save their lives) origin, based on the religious custom of wearing a turban.

2. A missed oppurtunity to use the term "Dune Coon", which at least always makes me laugh.
1. That hick just called Rashid a Towel Head.

2. I knew Cletus was more retarded than the other hicks when he called Rashid a Towel Head, instead of a Dune Coon.
by Al October 12, 2003

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