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Originally used in reference to people imitating the fashion or style of cowboys. These people wore the hats, but had no experience on the ranch -- thus, all hat, no cattle. Similar to talking the talk without walking the walk (which was originally used in reference to wanabe gunslingers).
Roger says he's a great cook, but he sliced his thumb off trying to peel a potato. He's all hat, no cattle.
by Al September 28, 2006
someone from riverside, driving HUGE (little man syndrom) lifted trucks with a FOX racing sticker on the back, farmers tan, pucka shell necklace, and anything with flams on it ex:sunglass, boardshorts
that bouy out in the water is a total 909er
by Al April 4, 2004
Driving Under the Influence. This is a couple BAC points down from DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). While you probably shouldn't do this,what many people don't remember is the old saying, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, and you're clear to steer."
Bob: I hear you got busted by the cops again last night.
Al: Yeah, it wasn't that bad, though.
Bob: What, DUI? THAT'S BAD, Al!!
by Al December 2, 2003
1. The idea of an embodiment of human decency, intellect, and life-force. A certain intangible that makes people "human".

2. Something most people who post on this site would apparently sell for a large fries and a Big-Gulp drink at McDonald's.
1. Even though the existence of a soul can't be proven, many people feel "connected to" others, or that humans are superior to animals in an undefinable way.

2. Milhouse gave Bart $5 for his soul on the Simpsons -- at the time this was supposed to be farcical, but like most of satire, this incedent has become a direct parallel of reality.
by Al October 12, 2003
1. (MAD) Any situation or course of action which ensures the total erradication of all parties involved.

2. Often used to describe what would have happened in the Cold War Era were one side to have attacked the other using nuclear weapons, causing the other side to retaliate, ensuring the nuclear obliteration of most of Asia and North America.
1. When Phil and Bob entered into that gay-suicide-love-pact, they were pursuing a course of mutually assured destruction.

2. Mutually assured destruction never happened in the Cold War -- look around you people; we're living in America, not the movie Cyborg.
by Al October 12, 2003
Another term for "shut the fuck up" or "shut your fuckung mouth".
Jack was boulshitting all the day, so I asked him to slag off.
by Al April 10, 2005