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Deriviative from the name Sarah, it is usually used to emote a vibe of humour, and occassional intoxication.
That's so maclean!

That's so funny maclean!

You were SO maclean last night!
by Al May 19, 2008
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take a double measure of port in a pint glass; pour in a bottle of blue WKD; top up to the pint with lemonade.

Looks like Vimto, tastes like Vimto, lands on your nervous system like an ounce of morphine.
"magic vimto, anyone?"
by Al February 05, 2005
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Super Lame bitches that think they are all that 'cause they work the mall security for $8 /hour. They generally wear stupid uniforms and prejudge people who fit their "trouble maker criteria" Instead they overlook all the cracker grannies that steal like motherfuckers.
Mall cop 1: Hey look at those cracker grannies, they are good cocksuckers.
Mall cop 2: Yeah, at $8 /hour that's all I can afford.
Mall cop 1: Stoneridge Mall is full of pig cracker grannies
by Al June 16, 2006
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defines an area so poor and rough and full of drug dealers, the shopping centres are full of shit supermarkets and bargain basement stores, like Netto, Pound Stretcher and Aldi, cos that's all people in Netto Ghettos can afford cos they spend all their money on Crack
You want me to come with you to Mansfield?? fuck off!! it's a right NETTO GHETTO!!
by Al April 26, 2004
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Any IOU for a gambling debt of $60. Size, roughly 3"x7 1/2"
After this poker game I'll owe you a Lew note.
by Al March 29, 2005
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