Obsolescent past participle of "get". Fallen out of educated use and frowned upon; use words like "got", "obtained" etc. instead.
Instead of "I have gotten", use:

I have got the key to the door.
I have obtained the blueprints to the building.
by avengah March 13, 2011
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To have recieved or get an item. Past tense of got.
I have gotten 5 hot hoes in the last week. Them bitches cervixes was tight.
by Pimp Delicious August 4, 2007
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"gotten head" means given and/or received a blowjob.
Guy #1: "Hey, have you gotten head yet from your girlfriend?"
Guy #2: "No, but I'm hoping she'll gimme a blowjob tonight."
by gloomysunday September 29, 2013
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Money or valuables gotten thru wrongful ways or by being dishonest.
That {douchebag} , got over a thousand {dollars } by ill gotten gain ways .
by Dreamyjoe August 16, 2017
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a phrase used to show patriotism after Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S.A. on May 1st, 2011.
Guy 1 - "Hey bro, why are you wearing red, white, and blue?"

Guy 2 - "Haven't you heard? Osama bin Gotten."
by drewdk May 2, 2011
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A term used to describe an object that has seemingly disappeared, a reference to the DeLorean's ability to travel through time once it reached 88mph in the Back the the Future Trilogy.
Andrea: Aww, look at that bird. It's so cut--wait, where'd it go?
Collin: It must have gotten up to 88.
by atwig December 23, 2008
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Somthing a dick neck might say almost everyday because he has nothing else better to say and its 'how bored i've gotten'
by GoldKobra September 23, 2008
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