{Joshua}: Hey Chris, didjya hear that Frankie in Seattle got smoked last night?
by Telephony February 08, 2014
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(United States Army) 1. To be disciplined through extreme physical exercise or activity, conducted by a drill sergeant during basic training
D.S. Mccarthy smoked the whole platoon because of one soldier's canteen not being full of water.
by Anonymous November 15, 2002
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My Powerbook smoked your G4 in those performance benchmarks!
by Bungalow Bill October 17, 2001
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to kill someone using a gun(commonly pistol)
i smoked that muthafucka
by LeCrano August 29, 2005
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1. (verb): The act of messing something up that you didn't really care about.

Ex. How did I do on that test? Smoked it.
2. (verb): When someone hits or throws a ball and breaks something unintendedly.

Ex. (after breaking a window) I sure smoked that ball.
3. (verb): When you forget something or miss an appointment or something that is scheduled.

Ex. Shit. That train left ten minutes ago. Smoked that one.
above smoked
by koozi December 21, 2013
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to be high on weed. like being blazed, stoned, etc.
jim: man pat, you are so smoked
pat: right?
by mr high flier April 28, 2011
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