A World War II piston fighter aircraft. Made better by adding the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, kicked the luftwaffe's butt back to Germany and then some. It is one of the best aircraft ever flown and certainly one of the most graceful. Is armed with six .50 caliber browning M2 machine guns, and capable of phenominal range and speeds in excess of 430 mph. The D variant was the most numerable and is still seen at airshows and racing at Reno. Also known as P-51.

P-51A - First version, powered by allison v-1710, 4 machine guns

A-36 - Army Dive bomber version

P-51 B/C - Powered by Allision v-1650, which was the merlin built under liscense in the us, 4 machine guns

P-51D - Powered by Merlins and Packard liscence built engines, 6 machine guns and bubble canopy
by Wildthingbg December 9, 2003
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A car with a huge power and race potential that is ruined by 90% of it's drivers thinking their v6 model is a Ferrari. Also a small percentage of drivers who think they are immune to rice, and proceed to put "GT" and "COBRA" emblems on their v6 mustangs.
Mustang Ricer: Holy shit look at that ricer!!

Knowledgable Mustang Driver: Um, just because you put the cobra emblem on your car doesn't mean your car can touch a stock Evo...
by burntheblobs August 10, 2006
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N: A term for a military officer who attained his commission by means other than attending military acadedmy, esp. by attending officer candidate school after spending time as an enlisted person. Generally a positive term. The opposite of a ringknocker.

And, yes, it is also a car, and a plane, and everything else listed here. I'm surprised that with the amount of military people using the site, this one wasn't posted already.
You can trust Lieutenant Smith, he's a mustang.
by Trash Can Jack February 13, 2005
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1. A horse

2. A popular car made by Ford

3. A club outside of Camp Casey, Korea that has no drinky girls in it but US soldiers still love to go to on Friday and Saturday nights
1. I haven't seen a purebred mustang in years.

2. My next car's gonna be a Mustang.

3. PVT Snuffy got his ass beat in the Mustang again last night.
by GI Bro June 19, 2004
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An American legend. The original pony car and muscle car, born on April 17th 1964. The car all other manufacturers tried tried and are still trying to emulate. 1964-1973 first generation Mustangs are considered classics, 1974-1986 were not so good. 1987-1993 are the popular Fox body, and 1994 to present Mustangs are sweet, esp. 1999-present. A new generation will begin for model year 2005.

Ultimate Mustangs include the 1969-70 Boss 429, Any Shelby Mustang, any Cobra, and any Saleen, Mach 1, Boss 302, GT's, etc. GT's are always great and are very reasonably priced.

To everyone who is bashing the Mustang, a few words. Camaros and Firebirds may be quicker than most GT's, but 1) They look like crap (except WS-6 Trans Am) and 2) I'd like to see either of them step up to the 2003 Cobra or any Saleen, and 3) Oh wait, GM discontinued them because they can't sell any.

For the Japanese cars will the silly winey exhaust.....putting 500 HP in a Civic is like putting Granite Counter Tops and a Plasma TV into your mobile home at the trailer park....why bother? Why not spend the money on a nicer unit first? Now, a 3000 GT or Supra is nice, but a stock Saleen s351r with 510 HP, yes stock with 510, will eat any stock Japanese car (including NSX), and most souped up ones. Put a few dollars under the hood of that Saleen and look out, no beefed Japanese car will touch it.

Mustangs are the best.
Dude, I just spend $90,000 on my Honda Civic and put 17 turbos on the 75 HP 4 cylinder, and that Mustang Saleen s351r just beat me by 9 car lengths.
by BruinsFan78 August 23, 2003
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The classic American sports car. One of the original ponycars. First unveiled by Ford in April 1964, a month after the first ponycar; the Plymouth Barricuda was released. Has housed engines of all sized from 2.3 liter four bangers to 428 Cubes of insanity.

1964-1973 First generation: Classic stylings, but got boxy and heavy toward the end
1974-1978 Second Generation: Tried to bring back the light and sporty looks. but failed.
1979-1993 Third Generation: the popular Fox body
1994-2002 Fourth Generation: Nicest stylings since the 60's, and got a 4.6 after 94.
2005- ? Fifth Generation. Came out a few months ago with "retro styling" a theme made popular by chrysler's P.T Cruiser (i.e. P.T Loser).

Mustang owners tend to be very prideful in their cars, which comes off to everybody else as arrogance. There is a constant battle between Mustang, and Camaro owners as to which is better. While they both have their strong points, they both make a terrible daily car for anyone outside single people, as their rear seats are cramped, and they offer minimal trunk space. They suck in the winter too.

Both however are the obvious smart choice for someone who wants bang for the buck. Talk to anyricer and wannabe racer on the streets. Mustangs are typically the thing to try and beat. but it won't happen unless you put stupid money under the hood, and then you have a highly modified jap car that's still gonna have no resale value. atleast a modified stang will fetch you more money than a stock one.
I am a mopar fan, and I drive a nissan, but I still think that mustang is an O.K car

That Mustang just flew by that (insert any Japanese car name) like it was driving in reverse.
by Hutwe January 3, 2005
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Vital escort fighter sircraft of the Second World War, the first capable of escorting bombers to the heart of Germany and back.
"When I saw the Mustangs over Berlin, I knew the gig weas up." Hermann Göring
by Sean Brian Kirby February 14, 2004
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