Completely; entirely; to the fullest extent
Well now we are utterly lost
by MrsMorningStar August 29, 2017
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Often used in show Miraculous Ladybug by Chloe. In real life, it is used as an exaggeration of saying ridiculous.
this service is so terrible! Utterly Ridiculous!
by Supdude2016 January 4, 2020
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Something that is truly amazing in every single way. Usually used by the Black community to describe hoes, prostitutes, baddies, and high-end foods.
Charles- Bruh, lets hit up the Exxon so we can get some munchies!

Roshod- Aight, I'm telling you though, The Shell is where its at! That's where all them thick hoes be at it.

Charles- True dat! Plus the Shell has that 2 for 1 Deal on Purple Powerade. That's Utterly Busting.
by Swanky Boy December 29, 2011
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to be shamefully defeated.
GamerKing: I utterly pwnt u
n00blet: No u didnt
GamerKing: I shot u, naded u, burned ur village, salted ur land and had ur face erased from history. I utterly pwnt u.
n00blet; ....... no u didnt
GamerKing (repeats everything he just did)
by King Of Yesterday July 9, 2006
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A universal adjective which may indicate contentment or discontent in something, or that a certain event is, has been, or will be enjoyable, boring, fun, painful or exciting.
Last night was utterly ridiculous.
by kcynic July 24, 2006
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Margerine that tastes like butter, but is actually margerine.
"Oh my good gosh, I honestly can not believe it is not butter" *dies of shock*
by pj1234 December 8, 2004
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When someone is so stupid, that you can't understand how or why they could say or do such things.
Stacey is the most utterly stupid person that I have ever heard in my entire life.
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