1. Literal: Motion through an automated process.

2. An adjective applied to any system featuring automotion.

3. A novel pejorative applied in response to the derogatory use of "pedestrian" as a negative adjective.
Derogateur: "This game's use of shadowing effects are so pedestrian they don't even hold up to last year's independent titles."

Novel Responder: "Your critical skills are as automotive as you're game selection."
by One Off February 1, 2016
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Engaging in or bearing witness to an act of sexuality between a human being and a vehicle. Also known as pounding the plymouth, fucking the ford, knitting the nissan, and kissing Mr.Walter. Know to have existed since ancient times, Automotality is looked upon by many cultures to be the ultimate unthinkable sin. As such, it is relatively and utterly unheard of.
I heard Jim went to jail for committing automotality with his volvo.
by Bowze206 July 11, 2008
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Automotive locksmith is a locksmith service man capable of generating car keys and repairing ignition problems. Such locksmith is also able to fix your vehicle lock mechanisms and simply unlock your vehicle. Usually skills vary from one locksmith to another.
I had to call an automotive locksmith when I managed to lose my car keys.
by EA Locksmith Inc February 17, 2017
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A car guy that wishes he was talented enough to be a welder so he tells his friends and family that he can weld. Most of the time they don’t own a welding hood so they just close their eyes and squirt some metal and hope that it holds for a few weeks before they have to repair it again.
Steve: I’m taking my Mazda 3 to Cameron’s shop to get welded.
Bill: No don’t take it there he’s just an automotive welder.
by Jethro123 March 31, 2018
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The phenomenon of having one personality away from a car, and a polar opposite personality inside a car.
Lance's automotive bipolarism makes him an horrible and nervous wreck behind the wheel of a car.
by office glen December 14, 2010
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noun. A company hell bent on pinching pennies at the expense of their employees. A large company owning many dealerships; most of these drastically underpay their technicians and "miss" spiffs for salespeople.
I just went to a zamora automotive dealership to fix my car, and they did'nt charge me diagnosis time! The parts prices are through the roof though!
by underpaid208493 February 10, 2010
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