Aside from describing highly potent marijuana, used as an adjective by stoners to describe something that is really good, particularly describing delicious food.
Dude, that crunch wrap I got from Taco Bell was sooooooo chron.

I'm about to go home and grub some chron dankness.
by KETTELLS December 4, 2007
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High grade, hydroponic Marijuana. Light and fluffy with dense trichrome formations. A rich aroma accompanies this kind of bud.
Damn, this homeboy of mine busted out this dank ass chron. We got all fucked up.
by Capt_Doobie May 24, 2003
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1.n. potent marijuana.
2.v. (to chron)-to partake of potent marijuana. past part.-chronned
3.adj.(chrunked)-describes one who has partaken of potent marijuana
definitions 2 & 3 are perhaps particular to central Kentucky
1. Wow. Now that is some chron.
2. Would you like to chron?
3. Having chronned, I am now quite chrunked.
by chaos lloyd March 2, 2005
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Orgininally used to classify the high-grade or potency of marijuana. Now, can be used as an adjective/noun to describe or denote anything possessing good qualities or leading to beneficial results. Short for and interchangable with chronic.
Man, I got some strawberry toaster struedles the other day; that shit was the CHRON.

Stacy has some huge tigs- putting it between 'em would be CHRON.
by UM-BC January 28, 2006
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Chron is really good smoke, the kind that makes your eyes red and your mouth dry just from looking at it. Chron can be double bagged and you will still be able to smell that shit.
Yo man fuck the BC BUNK, we got the CALGARY CHRON!!!!
by Mac August 8, 2003
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shit dog! this is some killer bc chron dude!
by bud boy July 16, 2002
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marijuana; derivative of chronic; this term can be used around authorities with no consequences; it can also be placed into a number of words and phrases (i.e. Chron Howard, Chronny Depp, Anachronda, Chron Stewart, L. Chron Hubbard)
Wanna go burn some chron?
Let's go get some Chronathan Taylor Thomas.
by Cody Simmons March 11, 2006
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