when you take the ball sacks skin and squeeze it together in your hand to make it wrinkly like a "walnut"
you-josh come here and help me with my computer
josh-ok what tha fuck
you-got cha with the walnut!
by austin w. August 13, 2007
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When a man sticks his finger up his ass-hole in order to tickle his prostate, causing an instant, extreme orgasm. The prostate (looking like a walnut) is commonly used as a sex toy for vietnamese people.
Jose Buisto likes walnutting
by reivergirlala October 2, 2008
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A walnut is someone who hasn't been cracked open to reality. Someone really innocent or naive.
"That bitch José is such a walnut! He doesn't even know what a lemon party is!"
by Pseudonyms 6969 December 11, 2015
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Kind of like nuts, but way more nuts.
Dude. That Ron Artest brawl the other night was freaking walnuts.
by cgp24 December 13, 2010
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A person who likes to shop or hang out at Wal-Mart a lot.
She is such a walnut.
by Bed time April 1, 2010
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Did you see Walnuts' speech last night? You know, the one about inflation. Did he look dead to you or what?
by Iacopus August 8, 2008
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