8 definitions by cgp24

1-a ridiculously lazy person; someone posted up on the couch constantly.

2-someone terrible at something, whether it be a sport or an activity or life
Jordan, quit laying around on facebook all day. You're a fat chop.

Look at that guy trying to play golf over there! What a fat chop.
by cgp24 September 20, 2009
-someone who is the recipiant of a nastly two-strike breaking pitch in the dirt for strike three and is sent back to the dugout in shame.
(Manny Ramirez swings and misses at Tim Lincecum's 12-6 curve ball)
-Grab some pine, meat.
by cgp24 September 21, 2009
Biola is a small, private Christian university in Orange County, CA. The school, which got it's name from the original name of the univeristy (Bible Institute of Los Angeles), once was located in downtown LA and was well recognized for it's "Jesus Saves" billboard. It is home to the Talbot School of Theology, which is one of the most well-known theology schools in the nation. Biola is full of absolutely amazing people.
-Hey did you study for Horner's final?

-No dude I went and watched our basketball team destroy APU.

-Cool beans, man. Go Biola!
by cgp24 December 16, 2009

Kind of like nuts, but way more nuts.
Dude. That Ron Artest brawl the other night was freaking walnuts.
by cgp24 December 13, 2010
-the act of being lazy; knowing you have to get up and do something productive with your day, but you would rather sit on the couch and text and watch the history channel and look at facebook.
Jordan, you're choppin hella hard today, let's go play golf or something.
by cgp24 September 21, 2009
1-to cut a piece off of something
2-to do something impressively, possibly much faster than something is usually done.
Damn i just shaved and i gnared off a piece of my chin.

Woah dude you gnared that piece of pizza hella fast.
by cgp24 September 21, 2009
-to be sleeping constantly, like that of a narcolept, without regard for what is going on; for instance, in class during a test or while having a deep conversation in the car
(Armando is trying to stay awake during a spanish test but his head keeps bobbing up and down and eventually he falls asleep)

Hey Mando, Mando! Quit narcin!
by cgp24 October 28, 2009