A walnut is someone who hasn't been cracked open to reality. Someone really innocent or naive.
"That bitch José is such a walnut! He doesn't even know what a lemon party is!"
by Pseudonyms 6969 December 11, 2015
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A term used to describe an ejaculation so powerful it has the velocity to hit the wall
Guy 1: How was last night?
Guy 2: So good bro, Handy Mandy gave me the walnut of a lifetime
by Dizzy54 July 6, 2015
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swimming term: used for when a male dives off the blocks and his tail end coems down too late, making his nuts hit the water with such force that it makes a smashing sound
guy: Damn man, that was one nasty walnut you did there
other guy: yeah man, I can feel it
by Zach December 15, 2004
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(Wal-nut) Pronounced: "Wall" and "nut"
A term widely known for Marijuana. Those who use it are on the rather cooler side than the other Pecs (Pecans.) The term "Walnut" originates in the upper east side. Some refer to it as God, but others call it Whoopi Goldberg. One that takes part in such activities may be referred to as a "Nut." When one consumes Walnut, they often becomes "Nuts."
"Damn. I gotta get me some Walnut, so I can go nuts later, Nut."
by SAMFRANCANDLEEBAKE November 18, 2011
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This is when the male homo sapien ejaculates on his vertical room divider. He will have accomplished a fulfilled a wallnut.
AAHHUHHUH...damn man i just walnutted
by jabeki February 8, 2020
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When you jerk off in a Walmart and you bust a nut.
Jeff, "Bro I just had a walnut dude"
Bob, "What the absolute fuck".
by BigRussian December 17, 2018
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Jeff: Man I just had the most satisfying Walnut, in the home décor department.

Blake: Dude, wtf?
by 5nak November 17, 2018
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