A melee fight, usually a fistfight, but not always. Can involve only two people, not necessarily more as stated in the other two definitions.
"Yo, did you see that fistfight in the bar yesterday?"
"Yeah man, those two skin-heads went at it mano a mano. It was like a Nazi brawl."
by Violentsa June 3, 2005
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v. to fist fight.
n. a fist fight
Fool, im bout to brawl with some shit talkers.
by Taylor W. October 9, 2006
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1. There is a brawl between gangs downtown, it's getting bloody. Everything is a weapon down there.
2. Me and my friend were brawling today. I used ROB and they used Lucario. He won most of the time.
by Joshamuffin March 17, 2008
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a biiiiiig crazy ass fight
did u see the brawl between the bloodz and cripz?
by smokaz delite August 6, 2003
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big ass fight w/ lots of people
did yall see krypt and blood brawlin in the parkin lot
by what name September 12, 2003
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Short for 'brewery crawl'
Kevin went on a brawl where he got shit-faced and puked on our floor after.
by packetsad September 2, 2011
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The graetest game to ever be made. Supposed to come out on March 9th for the Wii. Featuting characters such as Mario, Yoshi, and MR GAME AND WATCH!!!!
"Dude, I got Brawl lets go play"
Dude, awesome
by jaydeee March 6, 2008
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