1.going absoultely crazy when slightly provoked by others.
Do not throw a beer at me sir, or i'll Ron Artest your ass!
by brandon November 20, 2004
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To totally flip out and start beating on people, especially pasty white guys.
"oh sorry about that"
"RON ARTEST,!"*flips out*
by David Stern December 18, 2004
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An Indiana Pacers forward who, although he is one of the best defenders in the leauge and can drop 20+ points a night, screws up the pacers chances of a title every year with his childish antics.
Bob: that guy threw a cup at me!

Bill: Lets not pull a Ron Artest, it was just a cup
by who needs to know January 2, 2006
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To spastically beat the shit out of random people.. ESPECIALLY anybody that gives you the crazy eye. (See Eddie Griffith in "The New Guy"

You know where this one comes from...
Did you see that mufucka go Ron Artest on that foo? DAYUM!!!
by Pinky :-) January 22, 2005
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The act of a giant black man beating a little white dude with glasses.
Did you see Shaq "ron artest" Harry Potter till he was a bloodie mass of puss?
by Hairy Pothead November 22, 2004
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A beast of an athletic specimen that whales on fatass, drunk Piston fans that have several criminal convictions already (and small penises, bad hygiene, STDs and other things associated with Det-RIOTers). Could singlehandedly take over Fallujah.
Bitch don't piss me off or I'll go Ron Artest on you!
by Hot Friend Megan November 27, 2004
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1. A NBA forward who has played for the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers. He is known for his ferocious perimeter defense and eccentric personality.

2. The act of a brawny black man lashing out on a scrawny white man for seemingly insignificant reasons. This comes from an incident where Artest attacked a spectator at a Pacers-Pistons matchup in 2004, which led to his suspension for the remainder of that season.

3. The act of consuming Hennessey at the halftime of any athletic performance. This stems from a 2010 interview where Artest admitted to occasionally consuming Hennessey during halftime before returning to the court for games.

4. The act of consuming Hennessey at the halfway point of a social event. Also influenced by the 2010 Artest interview.
1. Ron Artest is one of the NBA's best defensive players in any given year if he can keep his head on straight.

2. If this emo punk keeps annoying me I will pull a Ron Artest on his ass.

3. My first-half performance wasn't too good. I guess I'm gonna have to do a Ron Artest to loosen up and finish this game strong.

4. This party isn't moving me. Let's try a Ron Artest and hope we wake up in the morning.
by Nigerian Nightmare June 4, 2010
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