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A psychiatric medical condition in which a person is repulsed by working or being employed. As a result, s/he makes excuses to avoid working for a living.

One with Work Aversion Disorder (WAD) may appear to be lazy, immature, irresponsible, or to have a poor work ethic, but that is not the case. S/he is actually psychologically unable to seek or perform employment. Most of these people are able to do work-like activities outside of the context of employment.

Work Aversion Disorder is caused by various mental illnesses, including anxiety disorder (like agoraphobia or panic disorders), depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

People with Work Aversion Disorder usually do not admit they have work aversion, but make excuses not to work, such as physical illness, external obstacles, religious beliefs, or non-paying obligations in their lives, and often turn to extreme measures to obtain money needed such as draining savings, getting into debt, looking for easy money, begging, gambling, or in the worst cases, illegal activity.

It is common for people with Work Aversion Disorder to lose friends, marriages to dissolve, and family members to disown victims.

It is estimated that about 1-2% of the population worldwide has Work Aversion Disorder. The rate is equal in all countries, races, cultures, and genders, though it only has been recognized as a disorder since the 1980s, in most cases, it goes unnoticed.
My son has Work Aversion Disorder. He once had a full-time job and was fully self-supporting, but now he doesn't work at all. He is behind on all his bills, his house is in foreclosure, and his car was recently repossessed.

At first, I was telling him to go out and get a job. I then realized that would not solve the problem. He really needs help. He has an illness, and he needs to be treated.
by Bed time April 29, 2010
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A public bus (usually an intercity route) that has no bathroom and that goes for a significant amount of time (say an hour or longer, sometimes several hours) without making any stops to allow passengers to use the restroom.

These buses are called pooping buses because not everyone can hold it in for the long ride, leading some passengers to go in their pants.
When riding on a pooping bus, wearing a diaper is recommended.
by Bed time June 21, 2010
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While driving, one of the following acts:

- When a light turns green (with no arrow), quickly making a left turn (or right turn where driving is on the left side) before the first cars in the opposing traffic, which have the right-of-way, have a chance to go.

- Use of a lane designated for a specific purpose, such as turning, to pass other stopped or slower cars.
You are "me-firsting" or "me firsting" if:

1.) You get a good jump just when the light turns green to make a left. This depends on the cars about to go the other way that you would otherwise have to wait for getting a slower start.

There is also a move called a Pittsburgh left where the opposing driver allows the motorist to make the left turn as a courtesy.

2.) If there is a left-turn, right-turn, exit-only, or temporary merge lane, and you plan to go straight, but there are more cars going straight than turning, and the special lane is clear, making use of one of these lanes to pass and get ahead of other cars is called me-firsting. This could take place during a traffic jam on a highway or when the light will not allow enough time for all the cars to proceed through on a single cycle, but will allow the "me-firster" to do so if able to pass.

The lane used as such to the motorist is called a me-firsting lane.

In any of the above examples, it is easier to "me-first" in front of or before a truck or an older car with a slower engine.

The laws vary in every place as to what is allowed, and what punishments can be when laws are broken.
by Bed time February 1, 2010
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The ledge at a window or counter of a booth where customers (or similar) are separated by a partial wall from cashiers (or similar). It is a place where objects (such as money or credits cards) can be placed on while receiving service.

Patience tables are generally found in places including banks, pharmacies, ticket booths, and snack bars.

The name "patience table" is given because people must wait patiently behind them.
Customers inside the bank place their checks and documents on a patience table while the tellers do their duties.

When getting your medicine refilled at the phamacy, you place your prescription on the patience table.

There is a patience table at the entrance to the theater where tickets are sold.

The vendor places the beverages on the patience table for the customer to pick up after they are purchased.
by Bed time April 27, 2010
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A neurological condition in which a patient suffers sporadic outbursts of anger starting in one's middle age.

Sufferers are known to be calm throughout their lives and never get angry until some time in their 40s thru 60s. This all ends with an outburst of verbal anger, typically directed against those known to the patient, in which victims feel threatened.

After first outburst, a few years will typically pass until the next outburst. Intervals between outbursts will divide in half from then on, until patient becomes unmanageable and must be institutionalized.

There is no known cure or treatment for this condition.

Not inherited, but occurs in white and black people, mostly those of Slavic, Mediterranean, and African descent, and never in Asians or Native Americans.
My brother had to be put in a nursing home because he had Gruv's Disease.
by Bed time May 26, 2010
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The portion of a shared bed in which one person (e.g. a spouse or romantic partner) sleeps.
Please do not sleep in my bedspace. It is uncomfortable to me.
by Bed time February 11, 2010
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Verb - to be watchful of something (such as money, water, energy, electricity, fuel, food, or any precious resource) so it does not go to waste.

Used in reference to a resource that is costly, but that many people have bad habits leading to the use of more than is necessary.
I am turning off the engine while waiting to wibby the gasoline in the car.

Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth is a way of wibbying water.

I wibbied the battery power by keeping my cell phone turned off in the mountains.

One way to wibby your money is to keep your air conditioner off while on vacation.

Instead of wasting it, we wibby it.
by Bed time May 2, 2010
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