An excuse to get off of AIM or any instant messaging service when you don't want to talk to someone. Very effective, because everyone's computer acts retarded sometimes.
Jane: You know Amy, I'm so glad I can talk to you. You're the only person who really understands my relationship problems with Mike.

Amy: Yeah. My computer is acting retarded so don't be surprised if I suddenly log off AIM.
by I hate boring chats March 17, 2009
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when a computer is going slow. Because it hasn't been turned in a bit (a week).
another person: dam
by Oompiie April 01, 2021
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(1)the thing you say when you bought a shitty computer
(2) the thing kids say when you tell them their cardboard computer is real
(1) you: why is my computer so slow?!
your friend: shouldnt have bought it in a alley at 3 AM

(2) toddler: why is my applebook so slow? i bought the best one for 10.000 dollars
your mind: first, its cardboard, second, applebook isnt a company, third, you bought it with monopoly money
by hellothemeep March 19, 2020
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