A boy that is a hoe that makes no sense out of the day.Very Smart,Annoying,And Charming but is a player
Yoooo Jos Just Played Her And Just Kissed Another Girl
by Loveyymik January 20, 2018
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I met his new wife, Jos, and she's really nice!
by Joscel June 23, 2011
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Jos is an optimistic kind and wonderful person. She often simps for a lot of people but she simps the most for her SO and lego yoshi. if you have a jos....keep her in your life.
by squidster123456789 March 3, 2021
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The urge to work hard, be serious and not make jokes.
I jossed my friends since I wanted to finish our work
by Noam Mann March 8, 2004
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Seasoned, fried potato wedge, larger than a french fry. Localized usage in the Pacific Northwest.
Your jo-jos are too bland. You need to add some Johnny's.
by Joel Shaver February 25, 2008
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