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Slang for bullshit. A name of a soldier who served in the 101st.

"Malarkey, Donald G."

"Malarkey? Malarkey's slang for bullshit isn't it?"

"Yes sir!"

"Rust on the butt plate hinge spring Pvt. Bullshit. Revoked."
by bill November 28, 2005
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long- legged gramma bloomers worn by a man
"these manties have a life of their own, I think the flowers are gonna sprout buds"
by bill November 02, 2003
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What you do after eating at Qudobas, and get food poisoning
Have you ever tried peeing liquid fire out of your ass??
by bill May 19, 2004
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(n) harsh puke,
After drinkin all night, he had the liquid swords.
by bill December 20, 2002
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1. Two side projects by three of 5 Dream Theater band members. The band Members are: John Petrucci (Guitar), Mike Portnoy (Drums), Jordan Rudess(Keyboard), and Tony Levin (Bass). Two

2. A total kick ass band that has the best musicians put together.
Did you get the Liquid Tension Experiment CD? It's so bad ass.
by bill December 28, 2003
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1. A word ushed to describe people who can not properly pronounce their eshes.
2. An extremely annoying computer programming language.
by bill December 15, 2002
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