311 definitions by bill

Another name for a bag of food from taco bell.
Go to taco bell and pick me up a rumble pack #3 with a pepsi.
by bill April 25, 2004
to chew enthusiastically
by bill August 24, 2003
A Brain dead monkey That licks lt.deaths cock.
God that underpar sucks.
by bill January 19, 2004
The only logical explanation for cars that appear to use a large amount of petrol.
Driver: Fuck man, how does my car use so much petrol.
Passenger: Eh, must be an abbo in the gas tank.
by bill August 9, 2004
The overrated former coach of the University of Florida. Lost eight of the 14 games he coached against Florida State University. Figured he'd be able to coach better if he'd joined a team that looked like the Noles. However continued his loser ways in the NFL with the Washington Redskins by leading them to a 5-11 losing season. Now unemployed.
Don't be an arrogant Spurrier or else you'll be an unemployed loser.
by bill May 2, 2004
a car that can run a 12 second 1/4 mile
once this turbo's in, we'll be runnin low 12s
by bill February 9, 2003