A person who can get you so mad but so in love in 5 seconds. Who you can argue with but when you look into his big eyes his long eyelashes bat away any negative thoughts and you still want to build a family with him due to his calm, collected, and understanding nature. He has the ability to make you cry then make you laugh because of his positive vibe you can't ever stay mad at a "Jose". He is reliable and he is just a great man in general. He is a great spirit and will make a great husband and father one day. If and when you find a Jose don't let him go. It will hit you that you made the biggest mistake of your life.
"Hey how did you get over your past?"

"Oh, God gave me a Jose and I sure didn't take it
by Lala-larious March 16, 2017
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Jose is a guy that every girl dreams of. He cares about no one but you. One look at his eyes and you fall instantly in love so deep that it'll never go away. Jose is very protective and would not let any other guy talk to you. He can get jealous sometimes but only because he's afraid of losing you. He can be a nerd and a jock. He has the BEST personality in the world. He comes up with cute nicknames for you. He helps you with any problems that your struggling with in life. He will be willing to travel miles just to be next to you. His favorite thing to do is cuddle. He will tell you every minute of the day how much he loves you. He will tell you you're beautiful no matter what. If you don't have a jose, then I suggest you go find yourself one right now.
by Emo nation March 14, 2017
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A Depresed 10th Grader That When on urban dictionary and searched up his own name because he was bored.
Jose Is A Name
by Shrekler September 11, 2019
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Jose is a big dick daddy for all the girls and usually have a lot of friends they can be annoying or rude sometimes ,but is so lovable he's kind,handsome, smart, caring , funny, and mature which means he has a large penis and says dirty jokes. A jose is talented and a real man in the bed that will have you come out in a wheelchair if you let him play ruff. A jose is someone everyone wants , but jose will pick a special one he is a once in a life time man don't let him leave you because you will regret it.
All girls:"OMG is that Jose"
One girl:"He's mine back off "
Jose:"There's enough of me for all of you"
by 123bat March 28, 2019
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Yes, it's one of the most hispanic common names. Besides that, its the definition of a guy who is beyond amazing, handsome, sweet, adorable, caring, funny, dorky and much more. He can be slow at times, but it doesn't matter. He's oh so unique, and isn't like many other guys.
G: "Hey, what's that guy's name?"
Kay: "That's a Jose!"
G: "That's such a common name, but aww look how he treats his girlfriend. Such a good Jose!"
by Fluffy286 January 15, 2012
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The BEST person alive. This person is extremely wise, follow them they lead to success.
Jose is awesome
by 404-NOT FOUND April 29, 2014
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A very sexy male that we leave you in a wheelchair once he gats you in bed and teaches you how to play naughty.
Omg what happened to you.?? I got a Jose thats what happened
by Mr.Poseiden December 5, 2016
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