Breasts; Also known as boobs, tits, honkers. Cows also have teeters.
Wow, that girl has big teeters!
I am not touching that cow's teeters!
by Ms. Bouvier October 19, 2003
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Breasts, boobs or tits. Often used by men sitting around drinking beers and speaking about female anatomy.
Brohan #1: "Yo, you all check out Samantha at that party last night?"
Brohan #2: "Oh, hellz yeah, Dawg! That ho's teeters were practically exploding out of that skinny top."
Brohan #3: "I wouldn't mind pulling that top down and cupping those teeters in my man paws."
by ThickDickNick March 19, 2016
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the act of bending someone over of the same sex in the bathroom and attempting to have sex with them.
Bob: Dude last night's party was crazy
Joe: Yeah, James was teetering someone last night, we had to pry him off

Bob: Whoa thats crazy
by Crazy Monkey May 19, 2013
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The delicate and calculated balance of altered perception due to the combination of marijuana and alcohol usage. It is almost an art form.
Chad is the ultimate source for any information on teetering. He invented it and practices it daily. Smoke a bowl, chug a beer, you're in control.
by Mike the Wizard January 26, 2008
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One who takes pleasure at looking at rather chunky animals. seeveeter or meeter
Smart guy:hey what are you watching on your stupid handheld?

PSP fanboy:im watching EXTREMELY COMPRESSED teet porn...duh what do all psp fanboys look at
by The Happy April 6, 2005
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Catch-all slang for genitals (male and female)
Man, your teeter is microscopic.

Holy hell, your teeter smells like a dead racoon.
by lick my balls June 9, 2003
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The extra flesh at the end of an uncircumcised penis. Derived from the word "anteater", it resembles the lengthy nose of the mammal. Also known as a "teet" or "teetskin".
"Man, Jimmy was taking a leak when we were camping and a mosquito stung him on the teeter! He'll have to put calamine lotion on that throbbing teet. Gnarly."
by Swarmpi04 March 7, 2015
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