Not large
Your worth to the Earth.


My cousins bra size.
by Blonde_Goddess91 June 19, 2003
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a word best used to describe Kerry Brown 's penis/brain
oooh ooh Kerry, look in the microscope - yoou're dick has grown. Oh no, false alarm. It's just a skinny hair.
by ruler November 6, 2003
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a scientific device used to magnify someone's insanely small chode
Holy shit! Quick! Grab a microscope! This guy's dick is too damn small!
by agent armchair March 12, 2017
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Apparatus that is commonly used to engage in the smoking of a certain herb.
Hey man, that's my microscope.

MiCroScOpE. Now I'm skiing...
by Fjurg van der Ploeg May 18, 2009
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What women say to other women to hide the fact you have a big cock/dick that they want in their face
What about Dominic

Pshh don’t worry about him his dick is microscopic

Idk I’ve heard otherwise bitch
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