Breasts is another way of saying boobs. Boobs refer to a woman's breasts.

They secrete milk after pregnancy, and are very sexually attractive to men. Men find women's boobs attractive for biological and evolutionary reasons, they signal to men that the woman attached to them is nutritionally healthy, youthful, and able to have a baby. So, boobs may be one of the main factors of sexual attraction between men and women that leads to reproduction and the continued survival of humans.

Playing with their boobs during sex can be arousing for women.

Because of their attractiveness, boobs are often times used by women to get men's attention, or to get them to do something. Men have been known to go to extreme lengths just for a woman's boobs.
King Solomon was obsessed with women and breasts.
by Emperor Shao Kahn December 19, 2019
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So I was supposed to bring around a foreign exchange student around campus and I spot this hot girl and I say "Damn look at the boobs on that one" and he looks at me like What are boobs? I say "You know kinda like breasts" He nods at me. We go to the cafe and to buy some food, he goes up to the counter and asks for some fucking chicken boobies.
by SomeRandomGuyYouDontKnow July 1, 2015
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Either of the two soft, protruding organs on the upper front of a woman's body that secrete milk after pregnancy.

Some things to do with breasts: Squeeze them, slap them, tweak them, draw circles around each boob and a line between them and put his face on them like they're glasses, paint your famlies faces on them and have him practice meeting them.
Big Boppers, blinkers, boobs, boobies, bosom, boulders, breasts, cannon balls, congas, cupcakes, goombas, honkers, hoohas, hooters, knockers, love melons, mammeries, melons, mole hills, nippers, peaks, pointer sisters, snuggle pups, sweater meat, tatas, teats, tits, twangers, wahwahs
by MrGuy666 October 21, 2015
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by Johnson90000000000 February 18, 2011
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Boobs, honkers, badonkers, dobonhonkeros, dohoonkabhankoloos, tonhongerekoogers, bonkhonagahoogs,

I got this new anime plot a high school girl comes in with some big breasts. Transfer student shows up with even biger bonkhonagahoogs, humongous Hungolomghanonoloughongous
by For the Trump November 6, 2018
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The "sophisticated" term for boobs or tits. Takes out the attractiveness out of them!
"He tried to touch my breasts..."
"Ugh, just say boobs or something!"
by Skelwor May 13, 2009
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Two lumps on a womans chest that have several different names and several different uses.

1. To feed infant children
2. To get out of a traffic ticket
3. To get men's attention
4. To get free things
5. To show-off
Guy 1: Hey! Aren't Jenny's breats looking might fine today

Guy 2: Yes they are Guy 1, Let's go talk to her

Jenny: Hi! Guy 1 and Guy 2

Guy 1 and Guy 2: Hi

Guy 1: Your breast are looking mighty fine there.

Jenny: How rude!

Guy 2: What a bitch! If you don't want us to compliment them why don't you get them removed
by Who The Douce Are You? April 20, 2005
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