nice, phat, hott, cool, etc.
*a yo dat shit's chunky*
by ->>SaM<<- January 3, 2005
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1. chunky (adj.)- to describe someone as a bit on the plump side; slighty tubby

2. chunk (noun)- a piece of something; a fat person taking a chunk of delicious food.
1. Yo man, look at that chunky monkey over there, hes a peoss homosexual.

2. Yo man, go grab a chunk of dat' shit you fucking fatass.
by BizZ September 4, 2004
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chunky = phat = tight = cool = awsome = rad = nice = good...ect
them kickz ez chunky
by j_dub July 2, 2004
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"Man I can't watch this anymore, I'm not getting a chunky in a room full of guys" - J. Shay
by [minority]babz March 31, 2006
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A slang term for getting really drunk
Yo bro I got super chunky last night.
by joebyrdie September 24, 2010
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1) Being fat

2) somethin' with a lot of chunks in it
1) JLo has a chunky ass

2) My milk is chunky, maybe I should stop drinking it.
by still king November 20, 2003
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