Get the fuck off Urban Dictionary before you land yourself on a sex offender list. Keep your minute genitals in your pants. Pervert.
by Yopmail User July 4, 2023
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A delicious treat sometimes accompanied by exquisite pubic hairs and having a strangely addictive smell.
Dude! Stop sniffing my genitals!
by RabidFrog December 2, 2008
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The things that hurt when you kick them.
"Ow, youjust kicked my genitals, and now they really really hurt!" "My genitals itch!"
by Santa November 11, 2002
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Short for genitals. Apparently used by the British, according to video game composer Grant Kirkhope
"I like when the cool breeze goes across my genits!"

"'s a very British thing to say genits!"
by groomp March 25, 2013
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4 men
penis,dick,cock etc.....
4 women
scorpio controls the genitals
by bloody vampire April 29, 2007
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