Convertible car with open roof. Same as drop top but also means only "open roof".
"I'm smoking with my top down..."
by PrzemDoggyDogg April 11, 2020
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To relieve yourself as the opportunity presents itself, in anticipation of and extended period of time where you may not have the resources to do so, even though you may not currently feel the need to relieve yourself.
"Baker is the next rest stop, and it's not for 120 miles, I better top down while we're stopped".
by Gary T Money December 7, 2007
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That awkward moment when a person realizes that her bikini top has fallen out of place and others are aware of the fact.
In leaping up unto the raft, and seeing bemused stares from the boys, Angel experienced a not unpleasant top-down awareness.
by Duckbutt December 28, 2004
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Margarita no salt ๐Ÿธ
(Bob walks into restaurant)..

(Waiter) โ€œ What to drink for you?โ€

(Bob) โ€œ Lemme get a Cadillac with the Top down!โ€

(Bob walks into restaurant)...

Watiter- โ€œ What to drink for you?โ€
Bob- โ€œ Lemme get a Cadillac with the Top down !โ€
by Ayysavyy January 16, 2021
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A corny and irritating phrase that is usually spoken as a poor substitution for an intelligent remark. Although usually used in casual conversation during the warmer months of the year, some choose to use it, inappropriately, during the winter. Such blatantly incorrect usage and unoriginality should be a shore sine that you are talking to a, stupid Saab driving, child raping, job stealing, impotent, arrogant fuck up.
Mike: It's top down weather
Anyone with a brain: It clearly isn't. why would you say that, How are you so ignorant.
by Mike Degorgio September 26, 2005
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