Convertible car with open roof. Same as drop top but also means only "open roof".
"I'm smoking with my top down..."
by PrzemDoggyDogg April 11, 2020
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To relieve yourself as the opportunity presents itself, in anticipation of and extended period of time where you may not have the resources to do so, even though you may not currently feel the need to relieve yourself.
"Baker is the next rest stop, and it's not for 120 miles, I better top down while we're stopped".
by Gary T Money December 06, 2007
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When doing group meetings, classes or presentations online and clear off all the junk from table level and pile it on the floor so it is not seen. People that don’t normally work from home have to scramble to do this after a colleague lets them know how bad the pile of dishes, clothes, clutter...looks in the background.
Online classes are such a pain. My bff told me I have to do a top down and put everything on the floor so I don’t look like a slob.
by The Original Tankboy March 27, 2020
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