the part of an uncircumcized penis that looks like the mouth of an anteater - it's like a snake with a sock over it's head.
I took off this dude's pants and i saw an anteater!
by pedro-hoss April 10, 2006
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The act of hanging ones penis out of an unzipped paid of pants.
Johnny unzipped his trousers, revealed his manhood and whilst presenting it to the audience proclaimed loudly;
"Everyone, I have an anteater! Check him out."

Male Etiquette: performing the ant eater is only socially acceptable when done so without an erection.
by dr_peanut April 2, 2009
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The anteater was chosen in 1965 when students were allowed to submit mascot candidates, which would be voted on in a campus election, for UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE.

The anteater was inspired by "Peter the Anteater" from the Johnny Hart comic strip, "B.C.. Before the voting took place on campus, it is said that the men’s water polo team highly encouraged the students to vote for the anteater as the school mascot. The men’s water polo team promoted the anteater at one of their game, which is said to have increased student’s interest in voting for the anteater.Since it was "original and slightly irrelevant," it became the mascot of UC Irvine after winning 56% of the vote, beating a close second with the choice of "none of the above". The anteaters are not to be confused with the aardvark, an African animal that also eats ants. The anteater has grown to become a beloved mascot, and is the inspiration for many of UCI's athletic and campus spirit traditions.

School chants and cheers feature the word "zot" which was the noise Johnny Hart's "Peter the Anteater" made while eating ants. A hand signal of the anteater is done by touching the tips of the two middle fingers with the thumb, and sliding the thumb back, making the pinky and index finger the ears and the fingers in the middle the snout of the anteater.

im an anteater.. *ZOT ZOT*.
by cookiespleez April 5, 2008
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Person wearing a gas mask.
You'll know you're near the toxic waste site when you start to see all the anteater people from the bioremediation company.
by pentozali May 5, 2008
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a shape of a penis which is short and thin at the end with a sucker but wider at the base
girl: did u pull that lad las nite?
girl 2: yeah he sucked all my juices out with his anteater
by Ivan1989 March 6, 2008
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