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1.To drink alcohol really fast without breathing.People usually chant this at the person who is drinking.
2.To describe how you go somewhere
2.Wanna chug off down the local?
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003
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Racist slur for Native Americans. Derived from the inference that "all" Native Americans drink "Lysterine", and "Lysole"
That chug is wasting his life.
That chug drinks Lysterine.
A chug stole my car.
by Ranter January 17, 2005
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As a noun : Had "how clean is your house" on last night, couldn't help but have a wee chug.
As a verb: Spent most of last night chugging in my wanking chariot last night. My bell-end is bruised.
by SevenFourTwo August 13, 2012
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A racial slur referring to people of Native American descent. It is based on the disproportionately high prevalence of alcoholism among Native Americans communities, and the resulting stereotypes of Native Americans as frequent consumers/abusers of alcohol.
Those chugs need to stay on the reservation, their stinkin up the town!
by PCone November 14, 2009
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A racial slur for Native Americans in the mid-west and west coast of Canada. typically used amongst Native Americans themselves. The slur refers to the alcoholic problems common amongst the Native American Population. "Alcoholic Chug" and "Drunken Chug" are also common slurs in place of the original.
Look at that chug over there, probably wasted from all the alcohol.
by WestCoastWeiler August 25, 2016
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In Canada, a filthy, drunken Native/First Nation person, so called because they'll slam back any intoxicant they get their hands on (liquor, Lysol, etc) to achieve the maximum effect, and also so they don't have to share with fellow chugs. Typically found hanging around panhandling in front of liquor stores and sleazy bars, or passed out anywhere convenient.
Those damn chugs will steal anything.

There's a chug passed out on the hood of your car again.
by dougyt June 20, 2009
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Native Indian that is lazy, receives social assistance, then spends it on drugs and alcohol.
That Chug is homeless and his only skill is doing drugs and chugging alcohol until he passes out.
by CanadianPerspective November 24, 2010
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