A Small woodland creature... very nice ass, strange, scared, and amazing

damn look at racoon, she keeps sucking on her food for no reason
by tito112 May 13, 2008
person from india or with indian ancestry,this's common say between french-americans,raccoon is a nickname given to this indian people due to their more darker skin around their eyes wish assimilate them to raccons whom also have this characteristic
dude i went to 7eleven and that fucking racoon tried to overcharge me for a 12pack
by jean pieere April 21, 2008
an exausting yet pleasurful sexual experience... a racoon is when you place your fist into a girls face giving her a black eye, then you agressivly place her into a dumpster where she will rummage around looking like a racoon diging for food.
"yes joey"
"ull never belive wut i did last night"
"what did u do Joey"
"i mouse traped a smashingly apealing girl last night"
"marvolous but not quit up to par with my shananagans"
"wut did u do steve"
" i racooned a rather sexually stimulating broad"
"wow how very sophisticated if i do say so my self old chap"
by moe bitches August 6, 2006
(n) the act of exploring a neighboorhood with the express purpose of rummaging through people's trash or stuff set at the curb (usually in a vehicle for covering more ground, ease of removal) in order to find possibly valuable items; popular on weekends, nights before trash pickup
remember that lamp i found when we were out racooning last week? i found another one just like it at the thrift store yesterday!
by sdm125 August 29, 2010
The act foraging for food late at night in your own kitchen while under the influence of marijuana. One must sneak about their kitchen searching for munchies while trying not to wake up others who are sleeping, such as parents, spouses or any other person that would not appreciate you waking them up as you search for food. One must look for food as quietly as possible by the light of an open refrigerator.
I woke my wife up last night when I was racooning. I accidentally slammed the microwave door after pulling out a really hot mini pizza.
by McKrautSki March 3, 2008
potential of a person to do immoral things like cheating, defrauding
a husband who cheats on his wife has a high racoonity
by Framptolicious April 19, 2010
At the moment of ejaculation, the guy punches the girl in the face giving her two black eyes, and then immediately runs out of her house and tips over her garbage cans.
Jesus busted a nut, punched Mary in the face, and then tipped over her garbage cans at the end of her driveway like the racoon he saw in that John Candy movie.
by S.E.S. September 16, 2008