Referring to a woman's well-sculpted chest; a fine looking pair of breasts.
Nate couldn't stop staring at Cat's breasts. He commented, "Damn girl, them tannins is looking good tonight!"
by Nate Breezy April 23, 2009
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tanness, a noun form of tan
Maybe he's Mexican, that would explain his tanninity.
by asdfgh jkliop April 10, 2007
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Not Tanning Nor Sunbathing

Tanning is a word that is becoming more and more used in American Society. A calmer way to describe the act of Physically, Sexually, and kissing another opposite sex. Hooking up, Getting some Tannin
Verb; I wanna tan that Girl
Noun; Damn, that girl is a tan
Verb; I wanna tan that Girl
Noun; Damn, that girl is a tan
Past Tense; I tanned her last week

Did you Tan her?
What do you think of that Tan?
by Double AA July 5, 2005
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A straight up bad ass. Tannin won't think twice about kicking your ass if you break one of his codes of conduct, and if you hurt a woman expect to be bleeding. Often referred to as an alcoholic by family members and sometimes by himself. Expect many random outbursts and hilarious quotes when in a Tannin's presence. When drunk Tannin may do acts of great humor such as swimming then heating his cold body with tiki torches. Many fear Tannin and he knows it. Often well dressed. Many know Tannins to be rich and powerful people.
Guy: "Damn, that guy is a party animal, he must be a Tannin."
Girl: "I know, he went swimming and look at him now!"
Guy: "Are Those Fucking Tiki Torches!?!"
by Moreyouknow September 16, 2017
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Complete oral diarrhea spewed constantly to no end. Generally leaves a bitter taste on anyone's palette.
Did you read this email from the communications department? Just more top level spicer tannins.
by Eaton Holgoode February 22, 2017
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You see that guy Tannin' up the road.

Not but I saw a car tannin' in that direction.
by GroceryClerk April 13, 2021
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