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A hard round constipating turd. Induced by too much starch and not enough fiber in the diet.
I'll be back. I may be a while. I gotta work out a corn puck. Good luck. I had one the other day. Tore my ass up working that thing out.
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by Eaton Holgoode March 08, 2017

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A euphemistic reference to taking a massive dump. Typically the corn filled variety. But eloquently expresses any act of defecation.
Well I hope everyone enjoyed that Thanksgiving meal. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to work on my corn art. I've got a masterpiece on the way.
by Eaton Holgoode September 09, 2016

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The period of time from the point of submission of an Urban Dictionary definition until the point when the submission is either approved for publication or the definition is rejected and not published. The Urban Dictionary Definition Gestation Period can take from minutes to hours or it can take up to several weeks end. There is no explaination for the time variance nor is there a way to determine what the actual definition gestation period will be.

The gestation period for the birth of a human being is far more predictable and accurate than the Urban Dictionary Definition Gestation Period.
Carlos spends his free time creating Urban Dictionary entries because he has a creative mind and enjoys sharing his world. While he is an Urban Dictionary submission pro, he has yet to figure out why the Urban Dictionary Definition Gestation Period is so unpredictable and takes up to several weeks on end for editorial review.
by Eaton Holgoode March 12, 2014

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A temporary condition of the male scrotum caused by a variety of conditions such as cold weather, swimming and other situations whereby the ball sack shrinks to a tight, leathery condition. The tightening results in sack giving the appearance of a beef jerky product.
Justin was outside in the cold working for serval hours. After coming inside and dropping his pants for a warm up hummer from his girlfriend, she pointed out to him that he has a severe case of the jerky sack, but blew him any way.
by Eaton Holgoode June 04, 2009

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Analysis Paralysis is the total inability to reach a decision. Found often in the business and corporate setting. Usually a condition caused by nit picking managers and owners. The primary source is management/owner requests for more information, reports, studies, statistics, evaluations, opinion, and research on a subject. All of this requested research and study is accompanied by endless, mindless, discussions in multiple meetings regarding the subject and the compiled information. The end result is no decision is made because the efforts placed to garner information and hold endless meetings and discussions are viewed a progress on the subject matter.
Hey did management ever decide if we were going to get extra donuts on donut day? Are you kidding me? They spent $2,000 on a cost analysis, accounting is still crunching cost figures and they have been discussing it for 9 months. It is in the company's usual state of total analysis paralysis.
by Eaton Holgoode June 16, 2009

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When a group of men, ten or more, line up naked, on their hands and knees, as a train. The first male is the engine. The last male is the caboose. The men in the middle are the cars. The cars connect to each other by shoving a one or more fingers up the ass and fondling the prostate of the male in front of each man in the train. The Prostate Express then can move about the room as desired.
Howard held an awesome all male sex party. He invited fifteen guys over and they all hooked up in a Prostate Express and tracked around the house in circles saying "I think I can. I think I can" until they all blew their loads.
by Eaton Holgoode June 26, 2009

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The back and forth hand action of a hand job given to a man with a erect, curved, and uncircumsized penis.
Lou's girlfriend offered to give him a hand job while driving home from the party. She whipped out his throbbing hard cock and gave him a Ripe Banana Peel Back.
by Eaton Holgoode June 26, 2009

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