to go brown in the sun (at least that was always what I innocently thought it meant)
Oh look I have a tan
by ogaiy June 8, 2003
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To brown the skin in the sun.

Majority of people believe that taking slow steps for developing melanoma is a great way to lookg good.
-Hey I like you tan.
-Thanks I enjoy going to the tanning booth just as much as I enjoy malignant tumors.
by Hoagie June 20, 2005
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I met a tan last year and we've been friends ever since.
by cory1234 February 8, 2009
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An stereotypical english person wearing union jack shorts, pissed up on cheap larger, and singing 'no surrender' and ruining the more picturesque squares of European cities.
A: Why don't you bleedin paddies support the England team then?

B: 600 years of oppression you tan cunt.
by bart September 23, 2004
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a word for a hated english person by an irish person. the name comes from the corrupt "police force" sent over to Ireland during the War of Independence by the British called the Black and Tans because of their black and tan coloured uniform. They were not qualified policemen, but ignorant rapist murderers. known as tans for short, they were hated by the irish people. Ireland suffered 800 years of oppression at the hands of the British Government until a truce was called in 1921. to this day even, any english person who pisses off an irish person is called a tan as an insult.
English Person: you're such a stupid irish paddy.

Irish person: fuck off you bastard tan, and go invade someone else's country.
by nosy nosey March 14, 2008
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Street term used for the drug heroin.
"Even through a sunblock, I done sold tan" - J.R. Writer
by nunaurbizness June 23, 2005
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