a motivational tool involving public criticism of others, such as one's previous teammate - as in Tiki Barber's criticism of Eli Manning that helped Eli lead the Giants to victory in Superbowl XLII
I may have to go tiki on my players on the local news - to help them step up their work performance.
by Snoopy Pugh April 18, 2008
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the most bad-ass word in the whole world; a type of bar with good coconut & pineapple drinks & with grass skirts everywhere; reminds u of hawaii where the hottest surfer in the world lives; a really cool name for a kid; to have random sex; to dance provocatively
Hey Kristen...Holla at Tiki & tell him to come scoop us up so we can go tiki at the tiki bar & maybe find a guy to have tiki with.
by Earin February 16, 2004
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another form of using the word pussy
Yo dude tyler garafalo is such a tiki or Man last night i tore that bitch's tiki up
by youngpeezy November 18, 2008
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a form of pcp which is used by smoking usually cheap marijuana (mids),which is dipped into embalming fluid, which then can be rolled into a blunt, cigar of choice a white owl......
My body was melting after we smoked that crazzzzzzzzy ass tiki last night.....
by SKEEMERKC June 28, 2009
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The coolest phrase in the entire world!
by pretty in punk June 3, 2004
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A male person afflicted with an unusually small penis.
That tiki can't get any chicks to sleep with him.
by Joe Blackburn March 30, 2006
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The piece of hair sticking out from the back of a guys head.
Did you see Gary's new haircut, wow thats a big tiki.
by DRD June 17, 2006
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