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*The top-half of the human body which contains the heart and lungs, also reinforced by the ribcage.

*What women call their breasts in fear of embarassment.
"Which part of the chest for cryin' outloud!? The sternum? The breasts? Be specific!!"
by Dave April 01, 2004
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Where Thor did hit on the walking prune (Thanos) instead of his head
Things would have been so much different if Thor had hit his head not his chest
by musicreader March 19, 2019
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The act of pushing, rubbing, or forcing one's chest sexually onto a partner.
Dude she was totally chesting me last night, and then I chested her back for a while, then she face-chested me it was hot.

I'm trying to refrain from chesting for a while,
I think I might have gotten a Chest.T.D.
by number1hitjam June 01, 2010
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bad. unfortunate. hosed. cold. ice chest. to ice or brim. to not buds or pull by any means.

broad term used in many contexts.
$350 for a speeding ticket, what a chest.

dogg you chested me so hard last night-

you were so drunk she couldn't even brim my hog..

George W. Bush is a Chest.

Let's go already, don't chest me.
by hayballerthefaller May 01, 2009
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A well built or muscly male.

May also be called chesty.

Usually a 'Bro' or a Juice Head.

'Bro' = Person who goes the gym to get 't-shirt muscles' ie. Chest and Biceps.
Friend 1 - "Hey mate, did you see my girlfriend, I can't find her?"

Friend 2 - "I think she's standing over there talking to that chest..."
by ohsokeen April 20, 2010
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Usually when somone says something weird or does something weird or bad others will say ‘chest’ or ‘my chest’ or ‘serious chest afterwards’ or ‘ahhhh My Chwest
It is also used my african parents, mostly Nigerians, when their kids do somthing bad.
‘Two people roasting each other’
Person number 1: Rahh youre so ugly
Person number 2: oya, Thats why your Mom died

‘Everyone else’: Serious Chest
by Roadgyal July 09, 2018
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