when a person cannot control themselves from talking even if they were told to stop.
there one class that cannot refrain themselves from talking even if the professor is calling their attention..those students is suffering from oral diarrhea
by shivaratti December 2, 2009
gross way of referring to vomit.
Not to beconfused with verbal diarrrhea, which is overtalking
Dawn: Now this a party, amiright?
Don: Yeah, once I finish offloading this oral diarrhea, I'll be good for another round of gas station sushi, washed down with homemade beer!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada May 26, 2019
flow of the garbled streams of vernacular coming from someones mouth
"What the hell did he say?"

"Sounded like oral diarrhea to me."

"Good call."
by loren goins November 28, 2003
when you eat something brown all day when yo'ure sick and then puke it up and it looks like diarrhea

me: Have I got news for you!
friend: whats that?
me: All I did was drink hot chocolate all day and then I puked! It was total oral diarrhea!
by Paula&Brian February 26, 2007