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A word that pisses guys off.
Guys like definate f'ing answers. Either YES OR NO not MAYBE!
by thiswebsiteisbadass January 13, 2010
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You can use this word for anything, it can mean yes or no or just an answer because you cannot be bothered making up anytbing more elaborate. It can piss people off, it can amke them happy all in all it seems to be a pretty great word.
Q: Are you horny?
A: Maybe (Yes)
Q: Can I get that nice new 500 dollar bike for my birthday?
A: Maybe (No)
Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A: Maybe (Nonsense)
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
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Girl: Maybe = No.
Guy: Maybe = Maybe.
Guy: Would you want to have sex with me?
Girl: Maybe (NO)
Guy: hmm..
Girl: You wanna see a play at the theater?
Guy: Maybe (thinking there might be a chance for sex, but unsure if seeing a play is worth it)
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
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1.It a word in which women use to make nosound nicer. always no
3. is a word that always keeps you guessing yes or no bu the answer is no so don't even think its yes
Me: Hey!, girl from class that I have been making laugh all semester and probably never see you again, how would you like to go out for lunch/ dinner some ?

Girl: Well... I'll have to see...maybe.

Me: Well here's my number and when you are done being full of your self give me a call.
by aquakingman December 13, 2007
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a word used to screw people over/ruin their lives
I love you ... maybe.
You can go with them ... maybe.
He/She'll come home ... maybe.
by kowshe July 12, 2008
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1. Another meaning for "No". Used often by females, giving them more time to make up an excuse later.

2. To keep someone's hopes up. Often used when speaking about goals that lie in the future.

3. Used with an explanation, which decides wether it'll be a "Yes" or a "No".
1. David: "Hey, do you want to hangout today?"

Jessica: "Maybe..."

2. Son: "Dad, will I ever grow up to be big and strong like you?"

Dad: "Maybe."

3. John: "Dude, would you ever sleep with her?"

Luke: "Maybe, if I was smashed enough and thought she looked like Jessica Alba."
by Xinxinix March 05, 2010
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the definistion of maybe is a simple one, it means NO. there is not a chance of it being yes.
john: do you want to hang out friday?
frank: maybe
john : well then, perhaps next weekend
by Aenoc November 26, 2008
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