A woman's way of saying no when she gives false hope
Can we have sex tonight?

by Scotch Jock November 20, 2021
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A word that pisses guys off.
Guys like definate f'ing answers. Either YES OR NO not MAYBE!
by thiswebsiteisbadass January 13, 2010
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A answer used to prevent your friend from being able to actually make plans on any day they mention to you weather they be with you or someone else incase your answer were to be a no.
Loyal friend: We still hanging out friday?
You: Maybe
Loyal friend's mind: *well fuck, I may or may not have plans on Friday now, and I cannot make new plans for Friday because I don't know if my original plans are, or are not happening*
by bbt104 December 12, 2018
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It means "No"
Eddie - "Hey Mom?"
Mom -"Maybe..."
Eddie - "But I didn't even..."
Mom - "Now it's a no, go to bed."
by YsGuy August 27, 2010
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1. Another meaning for "No". Used often by females, giving them more time to make up an excuse later.

2. To keep someone's hopes up. Often used when speaking about goals that lie in the future.

3. Used with an explanation, which decides wether it'll be a "Yes" or a "No".
1. David: "Hey, do you want to hangout today?"

Jessica: "Maybe..."

2. Son: "Dad, will I ever grow up to be big and strong like you?"

Dad: "Maybe."

3. John: "Dude, would you ever sleep with her?"

Luke: "Maybe, if I was smashed enough and thought she looked like Jessica Alba."
by Xinxinix March 6, 2010
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the definistion of maybe is a simple one, it means NO. there is not a chance of it being yes.
john: do you want to hang out friday?
frank: maybe
john : well then, perhaps next weekend
by Aenoc November 27, 2008
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