The only looks-based compliment a guy can give another guy without appearing gay.
Hey dude, you're cute.


Hey dude, looking good.
by murphyeahhbaby November 4, 2007
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A joke on Conan about the new Captain America movie, that's been going on forever
Conan: Welcome back from the commercial break and "Looks Good"
by Pinball_Wizard July 27, 2011
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A bit of old-timey police slang. To say that a suspect "looks good" for something means that you think that they did it, that they're guilty.
Suspect: I swear, officer, I'm innocent. I didn't do it, honest!
Officer: Really? Cause ya' look good for it.
by Agent0042 October 7, 2010
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1. I still want to have sex with you.

2. You seem less unhappy
josh and Maria are meeting up for the first time since they broke up

Josh: You look good
Maria: thanks. you look good too.
by second chance December 15, 2014
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What little Euro-trash scamps yell at pretty English-speaking girls in Stavanger, Norway in a desperate attempt to receive their attention and affection.
Norwegian: "ooo looking good, hollywood!"
Girls: "who the hell uses that as a chat up line?"
by Libee February 8, 2010
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