The process of elegantly getting through traffic as efficiently as possible
We were really swimming back there, we took 10 mins of the GPS time.
by float8x February 17, 2023
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My boat sunk, so i started to swim
by Stu August 23, 2003
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Swimming is life. The best sport for you. Swimming is the only sport that is good for everybody, no matter the age or physical activity: the only sport that does not put too much pressure on bones and joints (cycling comes close). The only risk of injury in swimming is some sort of tendinitis, like rotater cuff, or cutting hands and fingers on lane lines.

Competitive swimming can get any person into shape, and give you ripped arms, legs, and abs. And we get all the girls. Swimming is the only sport that can force people out of a room because the cheering is too loud and intense, the only sport where guys in speedos is considered hot, and the only sport where the girls will actually jump into the pool after you win. Swimmers practice 12 months of the year, 5 or more days a week, and only take a break for christmas or vacation.

We can swim miles in under 15 minutes, 25 yards in under 20 seconds, 50 or more yards without breathing, and beat anybody at a game of chicken in somebodies backyard pool.
by MITCHtheJEW September 8, 2006
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A highly unrecognized sport which requires one to be up at absurd hours of the day and in the pool multiple times during the day. The season lasts all year (12 months) for real swimmers. It makes the women look like men and the men look really hot, even when they shave their legs. The highest occurency rate of OCD, swimming is also known as "wall tagging."
~"Ew something smells like chlorine!!"
~"That's me, I had practice today at 4:30 am. But I have to go, I have practice again in 15 minutes. I have no life."
by guesswho March 30, 2005
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swimming a tiring sport. however statistics show that female swimmers have the most sexually active lifestyle. Go us!
OMG i have have swimming in an hour! and i dotn wanna go becuase im lazy!
by Elly O June 1, 2004
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it is true that swimming is a hard sport. it is also true that swimming is boring and swimmers hate swimming. however, it is MOST DEFINITELY true that man swimmers are the hottest things alive (i.e.Micheal Phelps, Ryan Lochte, etc.), and THAT is why i swim. also it's a good way to challenge yourself. btw the rumors ARE true -swimmers (more women than men, in fact) are the most sexually active atheletes, due to great stamina and endorphins released into the brain while swimming. this is strange to me, seeing that swimmers have no lives, and in their free time they eat a bunch and then sleep. :)
swimmer: "man i'm tired"
stupid person: "why's that?"
swimmer: well, it's about 9:00 in the morning and i've had two 2-hour practices..."
stupid person: "wowzer. who knew swimming took so much commitment..."
swimmer: "i hate you."
by candy whiskey April 23, 2007
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a sport thats for people who are cool that gets you in really good shape and makes you a beast
swimming made claeson a beast
by claesonsasexybeast April 24, 2006
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