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When someone keeps redirecting or completely change the subject in order to Bitch/complain/make fun of Donald Trump.
"He is just a complete Asshole. I don't understand how any sane thinking person could vote or even support this buffoon. I mean, what has America come too?"
"Uhh... So do you want fries with that or not."

by GroceryClerk July 4, 2018
When your vaccine nurse is hot/handsome as hell.
You see the nurse?
Total gave me a Rona Bona.
by GroceryClerk April 13, 2021
After getting vaccinated you purge the forest from the land so you can finally hit up the old bootycalls.
What are you doing Friday?

Vax n' wax.

Tell John I said hi!
by GroceryClerk April 13, 2021
When someone you had sex with at some point now sits on the complete opposite political spectrum as you.
I can't believe Steve said Stem cells are ghosts of dead sperm. Didn't you date him?

Total Flip Fock
by GroceryClerk April 13, 2021
The team you join when you realize you are too fat, lazy and out of shape to be a super-hero and too stupid to be a super-villain.
"The Despicable Bulk. Whore. Can't-Man, Black Man/her, Fat Piggo, and small Dick Fury. Depressengers ASSEMBLE!"
by GroceryClerk July 4, 2018
When you watch Netflix alone, surrounded by food and end up ruing your sheets for a different reason.
"What brings you to Bed, Bath and Beyond today sir?"
"I was just having a netflix and spill ."
"Say no more. Single sized sheets are in the back."
by GroceryClerk November 28, 2015
An old expression to describe young people that is now used to describe that ratchet bitch in the club who keeps whipping the people on the dance floor with her "real" human hair made from the testicle shavings of deformed horses and Hodor's pubic mane.
Man don't go over by the bathroom. This whipper Snapper damn near took my eye out.

What the fuck they weave that shit in with? Sos pads?
by GroceryClerk August 14, 2018