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When a group of people are thoughtlessly agreeing with each other even if they are holding opposing views.
"Why are all those people talking at the same time? Are they high?"
Nah dude, they're having a Blind Circle-Jerk.
by GroceryClerk July 04, 2018
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The Newfoundland exclamation to show approval or disapproval depending on the circumstances.
Pronounced "Lord Thundering Jesus" by most.
A versatile phrase in the Newfoundland dictionary that can be used in various ways.
Bill: Wheres 'da beers
Frank: Right 'ere b'y
Bill: Lard Tunderin Jaysus, 'bout time

Bill pulls into driveway and notices his house has been broken into.
Bill: 'da fuck?
Opens fridge
Bill: Lard Tunderin Jaysus, They even took the ever-sweet margarine.
by GroceryClerk November 22, 2011
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The team you join when you realize you are too fat, lazy and out of shape to be a super-hero and too stupid to be a super-villain.
"The Despicable Bulk. Whore. Can't-Man, Black Man/her, Fat Piggo, and small Dick Fury. Depressengers ASSEMBLE!"
by GroceryClerk July 04, 2018
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How the bitch of a red ass punk snitched on my other two homies. Dog and chicken.
"Now I know this is a difficult thing to do Mr. Campbell... But can you identify the other assailants in the courtroom for us."
*Points fingers* - "Cock and Poodle Too!"
*rooster glares and whispers to canary* - "Put the word out on this mother fucker. 50 dead. 100 alive."
*Judge yells* -"What was that Mr. Chicken?!"
"Huh?! Oh me. Cluck cluck my nigga, what's up?"
by GroceryClerk August 14, 2018
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The act of being accused of fathering a baby with a women you have never met.
Other examples are Mary and Joesph of Nazareth
Also known as emasculate conception or the birth of a messiah.
So leading by example, Justin Bieber is the non-father of our next deity.
Man: I got a paper in the mail sayin' I got to pay child support.

Friend: Arent You a virgin?

Man: I know, I got bieber'd.
by GroceryClerk November 22, 2011
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When your vaccine nurse is hot/handsome as hell.
You see the nurse?
Total gave me a Rona Bona.
by GroceryClerk April 13, 2021
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When someone is able to walk out of a bathroom stall and still look cool.
"You see that twirl he did over by the hand dryer. Made his coat look like a pimp-cape."
He's one Dapper-Crapper."
by GroceryClerk November 27, 2015
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