To tan something is to give it a good welly! Could be vandalism or violence.
Hey Maw, am goin oot tae tan some phone boxes! After which the phone box has been tanned.
by Kelly Coyle December 17, 2003
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Most common among Spanish speakers, "tan tan" means "the end".
*movie ends*
Toddler: Tan tan
by Prec666 June 10, 2018
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The nickname for MOUNT TAN, the smallest mountain in the world.
I almost stepped on Mt. Tan today when I was walking home from school.
by Jonathan August 19, 2003
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Efforts to darken the shade of human skin, either by natural means (direct exposure to the sun), artifical products (self-tanners), or enhanced exposure to simulated sunlight (tanning beds). Excessive tanning is likely associated with skin cancer.

"Orange alert! Paris should really stop going to the salon to fake and bake - instead of wasting her time tanning, she should work for world peace."
by Secret Agent Anne August 2, 2006
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to go brown in the sun (at least that was always what I innocently thought it meant)
Oh look I have a tan
by ogaiy June 8, 2003
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