A way of walking, normally showing authority. To swagger is to walk with presence. There are several different kinds of swagger...
The Tesco Bag Swagger - to walk with clenched fists at waist height while swaying as though carrying heavy grocery bags in each hand.

The Terminator - To walk as though rigid, with no swaying whatsoever and as though an android on a mission.

DinGaf - ¨Do not give a f***¨ swagger - To walk without a care in the world, people get in your way... not a problem!

There are many more...
by Gr8 January 24, 2009
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Faux-macho posturing meant to distract you from the fact that a guy has nothing to offer you but false confidence.
Dave liked to think he was full of swagger. He fooled some people, but the perceptive ones knew that, underneath all that bravado, he was laden with insecurities.
by DROCK2265 July 2, 2014
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A word which arrogant twats use that they think means they look really cool and confident but in reality they just look like twats. People who have "swagger" also tend not to be very bright.
"Hey check that guy strutting about, he got swagger alright"

"Yeah he looks like a twat"
by Gobbleguts McWobbleboots November 15, 2011
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is how someone(usually men)carry themselves in a confident and self-assured way
A good amount of women are attractive to men that has swagger.
by Gerard Irick December 30, 2010
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Bill Clinton is the gold standard for swagger.

Every movie star has insane swagger.
by SmartSwag January 28, 2011
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swagger is slang for a confident and cool way of dressing, talking, walking, etc. It can mean a lot of things really
Now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got SWAGGER
by koss05 February 22, 2010
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n. conceited attitude, cockiness, arrogance, strut
Tyrone was full of every aspect of swagger when he deflowered and impregnated the white class favorite.
by Richard Black May 8, 2005
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