self centered, earth revolves around you, everything has to be your way, snobby, bitchy, annoying
kim is so conceited... is michelle
by majestic mysta ree of masta peace September 27, 2003
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everything has to be your way, self centered
Conceited would be... calling your OWN name when you reach orgasm
by Sage's girl September 15, 2007
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Kanye West is so conceited, he believes Armani was popular once he wore it.
by Izzy bizzy December 14, 2008
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-adjective- Used to describe any person whose self portrait adorns every wall in their own abode. A legend in their own mind...
"Im NOT conceited, for actually Im FAR greater than I think I am"
by CunningLinguist January 3, 2005
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When someone thinks of practically nothing but themselves

a.k.a. complete ass-holes that would make-out themselves if possible........

A.K.A. my ex-girlfriend Leandria.......(she's hot though, so yea)
Akil: Wat da fuck Mariah! Your so fucking conceited!!

Leandria:Hey, just cause i call my own name when i cum doesn't make me conceited
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