Carrying oneself in a very confident and arrogant way. Made famous by The ||_ _|| aka The University of Miami.
The Canes have sure gotten their swagger back.
by jacory harris will save us all October 22, 2009
A word used by people who think they're cool, but simply by using the word swagger, they automatically have none of what they would define as "swagger".
Royce Da 5'9: You just used the word swagger there-for you have none
by kanej97 May 28, 2012
Certain something about someone that sets them apart or what makes them as a person.
1. Ey yo mayne, why do have colored contacts and earrings, and stand like it's all laxed

2. Ionno brah... It's all just a part of my swagger
by qwertyqwert2 April 17, 2009
An extremely risky Pokemon move, that confuses your foe but Doubles his attack power. Great if they hit themselves, but if they don't you could be fucked.
"Hariyama used Swagger!"
"Salamence is confused!"
"Salamence used Aerial Ace!"
"it's Super Effective!"
"Hariyama fainted!"

Pokemon is serious business.
by trrsveetsreytryrty January 23, 2007
swaggering manner, conduct, or walk; ostentatious display of arrogance and conceit.
Evan Dunn has swagger
by hasyc estbrookw August 16, 2010
a stupid word being used recently that will soon phase out, much like a fad. people who do walk with swagger would never refer to themselves as having it...a word used by people sitting on the sidelines and rappers who will go down as recording less than other one hit wonders. people with swagger usually appreciate the look from peers and strangers, also, a false sense of security,.. im jacked drive a vette and walk with swagger...who cares, stop starring. ha. People who stare at this would be considered a swagger fan, usually a follower or wannabe. people with swagger are typically leaders unless they use this word, hence doing them much disservice. hence, overestimating ones own ability, hence not very humble. your corny if swagger is in your vocab, but hip to understand this non sense. if your reading this you may wish u had more swagger.
to walk talk and carry oneself with swagger. A girl with a nice ass walking in front of you may have swagger.
by corvettetrev June 26, 2009
The guy who walks everyday around UCI in a Bulls Jersey
The guy who walks everyday around UCI in a Bulls Jersey is full of swagger.
by DKUCI June 5, 2011