"Daym, he be struttin down the street and da girls be followin."
by Bob September 21, 2003
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the way people full of themselves walk
pimps-playa's mostly
they either think they do or have some serious game going on
involves a certain way of moving legs feet arms but head shoulders torso etc
usually a thug or good looking mutherfuckaaaahhh
as in my school
yo look at luda strutting down the hall
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The Macpherson Strut And Spring Assembly is a vital component of your vehicles suspension system. It helps keep the tire in constant contact with the road surface while still providing a relativly good ride, a blown or worn strut will can accelerate the wear of your tires and suspension parts.
Sir, your struts need to be replaced, it's going to cost about $600.
by yomanwill September 12, 2006
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When you become such a mike stratton that all you do all day is play fucking video games.
Man It's snowing outside, looks like i'm gonna turn into a Strut today.
by Juddy Smith December 22, 2004
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An iconic way of walking, similar to a model but with your arms out and hands in relaxed fists. A common usage of this is when you strut into a group of boys and say"hey boys"(with looking at them up and down) while strutting in.
strutting is most commonly used by Skye and Ziva
by pop off kween November 13, 2020
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A really really good rock band hailing from Derby, England. Opened for many big names such as the foo fighters and The Who. Have suck hits as “Could Have Been Me” “Kiss This” and “Body Talks.” Perhaps the band that will carry on the legacy of rock n roll for a new generation.
Person 1: hey dude did you see the struts gig last night?
Person 2: hell yea! It was awesome
by jchamp7 April 2, 2020
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