confident demeanor, poise, not to be confused with cocky which is false swagger, a damn Poser
the Lakers had mad swagger and dominated the Celtics in the NBA finals
by CrashReboot72 June 30, 2010
someones style or way of presenting themselves
i got swagger
by matt cooney April 29, 2009
swagger means a pimped out,or a G'd up chain
Check out ma swagger G.
by DJ bubblegum December 18, 2005
A load of sperm in the pants. Its an insult.
Hey you the swagger
by TittoTheTitto April 12, 2010
Regarding a previous definition of "swagger":
A person who is not from the big band era that listens to new swing music, their favorite band is usually Brian *Seltzer (sic) Orchestra. Can been seen wearing a cheep suit and a cheesy hat.

That swagger is so gay. He was dancing all night long at the Brian *Seltzer (sic) Orchestra concert.

*Correct spelling: SETZER
by Maddie Ad December 25, 2005
yo you girls gon suck my swagger or get out.
by c-flo man!! November 16, 2006
Your penis, dick, genitals; the scrotum; a Johnson; your special place, as House would call it.
Curtis got mad big swagger son.
by LRS May 26, 2007