Something or someone that is very appealing, nice to look at, and you wish you could have it.
Linda is so attractive, I want to marry her.
by Scott May 31, 2004
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Something that just pulls you in by how it looks, smells, sounds, etc. People are often attractive, but things can be too. Attractive things are often hard to define, particularly in how they attract you. But, they sure do. And, what attracts one person doesn't always attract another.
Gosh, she's attractive.

by surrealfx June 21, 2006
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A phenomenon where chemicals and pheromones are released via the human body and the human animal instincts of reproduction and the desire of ownership take precedence. Largely in-part based on the societal definition of "beautiful", as most humans would either have largely varying attractors or none at all. Most often regarded as sensory overload, as the desire is often overwhelming to the human intellect and rationale.
"So yeah, my father died last week and although it hurts I ju...."
"DAMN. Did you see that girl? Man, she was attractive. Did you see that ass? Wow."
"What was I saying again?"
by asdfjsdfoiasd June 27, 2009
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When you are attractive it means there is something about you that makes someone attention draw to you... for example your smile or the clothes you have on and there is something about you that the person who is calling you attractive likes.
Guy: Your really beautiful, your attractive.
Girl: Thanks.
by LILK1 March 12, 2008
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What defines it? It's so confusing.
Am I attractive? Girls have told me I'm really cute, but others go "ew."
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008
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To be more than friends with someone; to like them. Basically, to be crushing on someone.
Person 1: Do you like Tim?
Person 2: Yeah I’m totally attracted
by Ok hun September 10, 2019
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1)a person or thing that catches the attention of another being
2)the magnetic force that pulls two people together regardless of their own will
3)easy to avoid, but impossible to ignore
The attraction she felt toward him was impossible to resist. She was not only drawn to his physical appearance, but also to his unique personality.
by SnakeLover October 02, 2006
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